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6 Glossary - Reference Documentation

Authors: Stephan Albers, July Antonicheva

Version: 1.7-SNAPSHOT

6 Glossary

Process Node (step, state) - description of state in finite state machine during process running

Process Node Definition - description of state in finite state machine in a process definition

Process Transition (event) - transition between two (or more) different states during process running

Process Transition Definition - description of transition between two (or more) different states in process definition

Process Variable - variable used in Process flow during process running

Process Variable Definition - description of variable used in process definition

Process Definition - description of process prepared from Groovy script

Process Editor (Process Designer) - editor for Process Definition (create/edit/delete definitions here)

Basic Process - description of process during process running

Action Statement - the line in Process Node's 'actions{...}' closure that contains plain Groovy code

Activity Node - node executed automatically by the NodeActivatorJob

Manual Node (wait node, node with type 'Wait') - Node which can be executed from UI or by any external service

Custom Form (manual form) - the form prepared by developer or using the Process Node Editor

Autogenerated Form - manual form generated by Grailsflow

Protocolling Group - group of nodes used for analyzing purposes

Node Activator Job - job executes an event and sends for all active Activity Nodes

Due Date Job - job sends events 'overdue' or 'timeout' to all nodes with overdue due dates